May 16, 2018

Air Force widow fights insurance company | News |

Air Force widow fights insurance company | News | When Gulf War veteran Chris Anspach of Rapid City died of cancer in 2009 at age 45, the last thing his grieving widow expected to endure was a prolonged fight

May 13, 2018

Cambridge Analytica Announces Closure, Files for Bankruptcy

Cambridge Analytica Announces Closure & Files for Bankruptcy  

Cambridge Analytica, the controversial firm embroiled in the mishandling of Facebook user data, has announced its shut down on Wednesday. Its British parent SCL Elections Ltd. will also be shuttered as the data analytics company reported a significant decline in business.   In a press release, Cambridge Analytica

Mormons Breakup With Boy Scouts Is a Disappointment

Two famously polite organizations couldn't make a compromise work as they evolved.

Sad to see two good & positive entities not be able to work together any longer...

May 12, 2018

Malik Zaire can transfer without any restrictions | Underdog Sports

Notre Dame's athletic department has announced that the school has accepted Malik Zaire's request to be let out of his scholarship and pursue a transfer.

Lots more transferring in college sports now due to the changes the NCAA has made relative to those who have graduated...